Procurement is an essential function within the Legion, and in order to deliver its strategic aims, needs a good network of suppliers. Our suppliers need to be successful in helping us deliver the requirements we place on them and assist us in meeting our goals.

At the Legion, procurement is an integral part of our strategy. It is important that our procurement procedure:

  • takes an ethical approach
  • provides the Legion with high quality goods and services in a timely fashion
  • provides value for money for the Legion
  • enables the Legion to meet the needs of its staff and stakeholders.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions are available from the links below.

The Royal British Legion Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Goods (pdf)

The Royal British Legion Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Services (pdf)

For more information about becoming a Legion supplier please view our supply base, or use our enquiry form to contact our procurement team.

The Royal British Legion Procurement Strategy

Our Procurement Strategy supports the Legion's strategic aims and objectives by raising the profile of procurement both within the organisation and with external stakeholders. The strategy ensures procurement activities are integrated and focused on the achievement of The Royal British Legion's Corporate Strategy.

There are five strategic procurement objectives:

  • First class procurement service
  • Developing and valuing our people and relationships
  • Value for money
  • Key partnerships with other charities
  • Sustainable procurement

The strategic objectives are underpinned with four guiding principles:

  • To be close to the business
  • To be an exemplar of best practice
  • To enable our aims and objectives to be met
  • To promote diversity and corporate social responsibility.

The key principles of our Procurement Policy are:

  • Effective governance and control
  • To demonstrate Value for Money - the main aim of the procurement process is to ensure that best Value for Money (VFM) is achieved.
  • To apply a consistent and standard approach - procurement should be through open competition unless there are exceptional reasons.
  • To build and maintain positive supplier relationships

 Download The Royal British Legion’s Procurement Strategy (pdf)


Use our Procurement enquiry form to contact our Procurement Team.