How The Legion's Handy Van Service Helps People Maintain Independence

The Legion's handy van service helps ex-Service people and their families with small household repairs and minor adaptations

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The Legion has handy vans in 21 counties across the country, and partnerships with other organisations that offer the same service in areas where we don’t operate

Staff begin to assess properties as soon as they arrive, checking the state of doors, windows, security lights and fences

Like many in the team, Chris comes from a military background and served for just under 14 years in the Royal Engineers

"I love it. I get to meet some fantastic people and hear all their stories"

Staff are fully trained to carry out a range of maintenance jobs in homes

These include changing light bulbs and tap washers; putting up shelves, curtain rails and grab railsfitting smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors; and installing care phones

"We try and keep them safe in their own home"

They also build access ramps and storage sheds to house Legion-provided Electrically Propelled Vehicles

During visits staff spend time with residents to ensure their properties are safe and allow them to live independently

"We build up a rapport between us, and they can trust us"

Staff can also refer people Independent Living Advisers or other support teams in the Legion who can help with anything from Finance, Care and Recovery to Respite and Employment 

"Beneficiaries are very grateful. They understand that they can call upon us whenever they want and we’ll help out as best we can"

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From rehabilitation courses and careers advice to care homes for older veterans, The Royal British Legion is here to ensure every member of the Armed Forces community receives the support they need.

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