Meet our volunteers

We’d like to say a big thank you to all our fantastic volunteers for giving their precious time and support to our Armed Forces community. This includes over 1000 welfare volunteers, 4000 Poppy Appeal Organisers, and countless others who assist us with the annual Poppy Appeal collection and the day-to-day operations of the Legion at District, County and Branch level.

With our wide range of volunteer roles, here’s just a few of the thousands who help us.

Dan O'Sullivan, volunteer at the Battle Back Centre

With 16 years' service under his belt including Iraq and Afghanistan, Dan O'Sullivan gives back to the Armed Forces community by volunteering for us at our Battle Back Centre in Lilleshall. He introduces recovering Service people to the facilities and teaches archery. Dan wants to inspire and motive others leaving the forces for the rest of his life.

Emily Horswil, preparing for Service and volunteers in our Plymouth Pop In Centre

Coming from a military family, Emily Horswil will be joining the Army after attending Sandhurst from January. Wanting to learn more about the needs of the Armed Forces community, Emily volunteers to work at our Advice and Information centre in Plymouth.

In speaking to service personnel and their families, it helps you understand some of the issues people face. It broadens the breadth of my experience Emily Horswil

Sylvia Newnham, volunteer at Maurice House

In 1965 and aged just 18, Sylvia Newnham started work as an assistant cook at Maurice House, our care home in Kent. She continued her role for 33 years before retiring in 1998 to look after her elderly mum and dad. After her parents passed away, Sylvia returned to Maurice House to work as a volunteer. Now 68 years old and still going strong, she plays a vital role in providing quality day care support to our Armed Forces community. 

I volunteer because I like to go to Maurice House. I love the residents, I love the atmosphere, and I love to think that I'm giving something back. It's been a part of my life for so long. I just loved working there Sylvia Newnham

Lisa McKinlay, Poppy Appeal Organiser

Lisa McKinlay, one of our wonderful Poppy Appeal organisers runs the local fundraising activities in Lancashire. Lisa started volunteering for us after the death of her husband Lance Corporal Jon McKinlay, killed while on patrol in Afghanistan. She now supports the Poppy Appeal to keep Jon's memory alive, and to support members of the Armed Forces community.

Denis Cook, volunteer at the National Memorial Arboretum

Denis Cook volunteers at our National Memorial Arboretum. He started volunteering one day a week in 2012, helping with Marketing and Fundraising activities. Recently, he became a Tour Guide.

Volunteering at the Arboretum is a pleasure and a privilege. It’s very rewarding to show visitors around and to hear their comments about the landscape, the memorials, and what we have achieved here Denis Cook

Ron Sadler keeps the bar running at Maurice House

Ron Sadler served in the RAF for 18 years and has been volunteering at Maurice House since 1999. Every weekend, Ron runs the bar, looks after stock and sits on the amenities committee. His wife is also a volunteer; she helps in the bar and does the mail run every Saturday.

Volunteering has provided me with a schedule to my week, comradeship, a feeling of being of value, emotional support, and an opportunity for me to repay the Legion by helping to carry out our work Ron Sadler

Kevin Gray says thank you by volunteering in our Manchester Pop In Centre

Kevin Gray, 44, a father of four from Fleetwood, Lancashire served for seven years in the Army's Royal Artillery. After damaging his ankles in a training exercise in 1993, he developed PTSD as he struggled to cope with the guilt of being involved with death and destruction in war zones.

Kevin was medically discharged in 1995, but soon spiralled into depression. With very little spare money, he reached out to us for help. We helped pay for a special recliner chair, new sofa, fridge freezer and repairs to his home. To say thanks, Kevin volunteers in our Manchester Pop In Centre.

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