Admiral Nurses

The Legion works with Dementia UK to provide Admiral Nurses - a service that supports the carers of our beneficiaries who have dementia. The focus of the service is to maintain independence and improve the quality of life for carers and families and to provide the practical advice they need.

What do Admiral Nurses offer?

Our Admiral Nurses have the experience to facilitate the service every step of the way. Currently operating in Lancashire, the West Midlands, Hampshire and Somerset, Admiral Nurses offer:

  • Skilled assessments to determine the needs of family carers and the needs of the person with dementia
  • Information and practical advice for carers and their families on supporting those with dementia
  • To work with carers and families to provide emotional and psychological support throughout the caring journey
  • Advice on how to care for someone with dementia and help to develop skills to encourage positive approaches to living with dementia
  • To work together with other professionals and organisations to provide additional support if you need it.

Please note that Legion beneficiaries can be either the person with dementia or the carer.

General information on dementia services is available from our free online help service or you can contact the Legion's Admiral Nurses in Lancashire or the West Midlands by calling our helpline on 0808 802 8080.

The Legion runs four Care Homes with specialist dementia wings for long term residency or respite care. We can also provide a holiday at one of our Break Centres around the country for rest and relaxation for carers.

Helping the Carers

Since being set up in October 2012, the Legion's Admiral Nurses team has helped more than 200 families in the West Midlands.

“Our nurses have supported families through the journey of dementia – from providing education at the point of diagnosis, to helping the family achieve their wishes when their loved one is placed in care or with end of life decisions." Lead Nurse Ben Upton, Admiral Nurses


When you’re caring for someone with dementia it can be hard to find the time to care for yourself. Our Admiral Nurses service is there to support carers, so that they and those they’re caring for can get the help they need.

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