We support serving men and women, veterans and their families. Find out if you are eligible for support from The Royal British Legion.

Those eligible for support services can be summarised as:

  • People who are serving or who have served in the Armed Forces - ‘Beneficiaries’
  • Their dependants
  • Their carers

Please note that throughout this website we use the term 'beneficiary' in a general sense - to refer to anyone who is eligible for our support.

We can also provide support for those based overseas.


'Beneficiaries' are people who include:

  • Serving personnel, or those who have previously served
  • Reserve or Auxiliary personnel, or those who have previously served
  • Those who have served with the Mercantile Marine afloat in hostile waters
  • Current or previous full-time members of Allied Civil Police Forces
  • Those entitled to the campaign medal issued to the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force to those giving them direct support or under their command
  • Any member of Voluntary Aid Societies who has served full-time and in uniform in direct support of the United Kingdom Armed Forces
  • Any British subject (by birth or otherwise) who has served at least seven days in the Forces of an Allied nation and received seven days' pay from that nation
  • Any British subject (by birth or otherwise) who served in a resistance organisation of an Allied nation during hostilities in which the United Kingdom Armed Forces were engaged
  • Any man who served in the Home Guard for at least six months, or in a Bomb and Mine Disposal Unit for at least three months
  • Any man who was awarded the Defence Medal in respect of service in the Home Guard or in a Bomb and Mine Disposal Unit.


'Dependants' can include children, spouses and partners, including widows or widowers. Other dependants also include relatives and cohabiters of a beneficiary or those dependent on them.


Carers were included into the eligibility criteria for support services in 2008. This was to recognise the service that they provide to those who have served in the Armed Forces and to provide them with the assistance they need to carry on this role.

'Carers' are those who have an ongoing caring responsibility for a beneficiary.

Other beneficiaries

The Legion can also provide support to beneficiaries working for the UK Armed Forces that fall under the following categories:

There is also a range of support available through the Legion’s Women’s Section.

Financial assessment

Some of our services have additional eligibility criteria. For example, services providing financial assistance require an income and savings assessment and may not be offered to beneficiaries with incomes or savings above the relevant thresholds.

Other service organisations

Explore a selection of service organisations related to the Armed Forces.


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