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If you have suffered an injury or illness due to Service, you may be able to claim compensation.

Depending on when your illness or injury happened, there are two paths to take to seek compensation.

1. On or before 5 April 2005: We can help you claim under the War Pensions Scheme

2. On or after 6 April 2005: We can help you claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

Both schemes are administered by Veterans UK, which is part of the MoD’s Defence Business Services.

“They really helped with my compensation claim and made the process simple. Nice to know professionals are there to help and guide.” Aron Shelton, Legion beneficiary

Has someone close to you died as a result of service in the Armed Forces?

You may be entitled to compensation under these schemes if you are the widow, widower, partner or dependant of someone who died as a result of Service in the Armed Forces.

For all enquiries, call us on 0808 802 8080 or email us at

Please note that we can also give you guidance and support if you're facing a service inquest.

Are you unhappy with the result of your compensation claim?

If you want to dispute a compensation decision the Legion can support you through the process, helping to lodge an appeal, and representing you at the appeal tribunal if you wish. This is all free of charge.

You can dispute a decision by appealing to Veterans UK. Once your appeal is lodged, the matter is heard and considered by a tribunal, (the War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Chamber) which will rule on the issue.

Our contact centre can provide claim forms or refer you to a specialist advisor, call 0808 802 8080, or email us at


Negligence involves a failure of a system or a mistake by someone who owes you a duty of care, for example where death or injury is caused by:

  • Poorly maintained vehicles, weapons or buildings
  • Negligent medical treatment or prescription of medicines
  • The breaking of rules or orders by the Ministry of Defence or its agents.

If you're a Legion beneficiary who's sustained an injury, become unwell or gone through a bereavement in the last three years and you think it was caused by negligence, the Legion may be able to help you and/or your dependants to claim compensation.

We can advise serving and ex-Service personnel and their dependants about initiating legal action against the Ministry of Defence. 


For information about how to claim legal compensation and for advice about making a claim, call 0808 802 8080. Or you can email our specialist claims team at

Please note that if you were the victim of assault or any crime of violence you should contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority within one year of the incident.


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