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Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre

The Legion has committed £5 million to the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC), a state-of-the-art Ministry of Defence clinical rehabilitation facility to replace Headley Court and opening in 2018.

Headley Court in Surrey, which originally opened in 1947 to treat RAF aircrew, today provides treatment for members of the Armed Services dealing with injuries which, in many cases, would have been fatal even a decade ago. Headley Court is a small site and the ability to modernise it to the fullest degree will soon be limited.

The new DNRC will provide advanced specialist care for complex injury, brain damage and musculoskeletal and spinal injury. It is centrally located on the Stanford Hall estate close to Loughborough and construction started in July 2015.

The Defence facility will open in 2018 and will be the catalyst for a National facility on the same site.

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The Armed Forces have a duty to use significant force when necessary in pursuit of the nation’s interests. In training and on operations the risks are high and physical hardship, and often injury, are willingly accepted parts of their lives. When Service men and women are injured, by whatever means, it is essential that they receive top quality care and, if possible, are returned to Service quickly.

The treatment of Complex Trauma (CT) embraces serious injury of all types including from single and multiple amputations, serious or multiple fractures, complex muscular damage, spinal injury and combinations of a variety of major injuries.

Complex Trauma Gym

The £5 million will fund the building of a Complex Trauma Gymnasium which is at the heart of the exercise therapy programme at the new centre for Service personnel.

The major part of complex trauma rehabilitation is exercise therapy. At peak capacity there are likely to be 80 complex trauma patients receiving rehabilitation. The gymnasium will have two distinct elements; a full size sprung basketball court and a dedicated cardiovascular area featuring specially-adapted fixed equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers and rowing machines. The facility will meet all exercise therapy needs of complex trauma patients receiving treatment at the DNRC.

"Assisting the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel has been a part of the Legion’s work since it was founded in 1921 after the First World War. " Chris Simpkins, Director General

This contribution of £5 million to build the Complex Trauma Gymnasium at the DNRC represents just one more example of the Legion’s commitment to supporting wounded, injured and sick personnel in their recovery. Use the links below to find out more about the Legion's recovery programmes.

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