Youth group affiliation

Branch affiliation enables members to work together with youth organisations on fundraising projects and promotes mutual community support - a great way for branches of the Legion to strike a chord with the younger generation.

About branch affiliation

To date, the Legion has registered 1688 affiliations, including 716 with the Army Cadet Force units.

Who can become affiliated?

Uniformed or otherwise, any youth organisation can become affiliated with any Legion branch it wishes. In fact, it can become affiliated to as many branches as it wishes to.

How can the Legion help youth organisations?

  • Fundraising under the name of the youth organisation
  • Offering a wealth of experience on military knowledge, such as providing the odd instructor/lecturer from within the branch
  • Providing free educational resources via our Rememberance team
  • Raising awareness about The Royal British Legion, and encouraging young people to take part in Legion activities.

How can youth organisations help?

  • Poppy Appeal collecting
  • Becoming Branch Standard Bearer (adult and youth)
  • Remembrance services and parades
  • While affiliations are not a part of the recruiting scheme for Youth Members, individuals can join their local Legion Branch as Youth Members if they wish.

For more information on Youth Affiliations and Youth Affiliated Badges, please contact our Membership Governance Coordinator on or call 020 3053 7146. Purchase affiliated unit badges for your affiliated youth organisation.

One branch's story

The Great Wyrley Branch is just one of the branches nationally linked with local cadets and scouts. In fact, they currently have more youth members than adults, who say the young blood makes a real difference to their events.

"We've got affiliations with the sea cadets and 196 Squadron of the ATC," says spokesman Trevor Arblaster.

"There's also the Cannock Chase detachment of C Company, along with the 1st Great Wyrley Scouts. All of them are youth members, which is a tremendous success."

"The emphasis this year is going to be solely on youth," he says, revealing that the branch's plans for the future are built on its younger membership.

"I know that there are Girl Guides and another Scout group in our area, so I will be talking to them as well."

Poppy Appeal Organiser Brenda, who has helped increase the branch's fundraising year-on-year since 2005, says that getting young people involved has made a significant difference.

Scout and cadet groups have helped the Branch with a range of activities, including distributing poppies and packing boxes for troops in Afghanistan, she says.

"We're not going to be here forever, so they've got to be nurtured and encouraged to take it over when we can no longer do it."