Remembrance Travel

Remembrance Travel, the travel arm of the Legion, arranges pilgrimages and tours to battlefields, war cemeteries and memorials.

As the National Custodian of Remembrance, the Legion invites you to journey with Remembrance Travel, to explore, rediscover and remember the bravery and sacrifice of our Armed Forces.

Journeys of Remembrance

Remembrance Travel are currently partnered with Arena Travel to deliver our Journeys of Remembrance programme. In addition to proven holiday and travel experience, the Legion’s background in Remembrance sets our tours apart as a truly memorable experience.

Our experienced tour guides are on hand to educate and inform during the trip. You can choose one of our scheduled tours or contact us to arrange a bespoke group tour, tailored to meet your needs.

Visit our website at for more details.


Normandy veterans are entitled to a free tour to the Normandy Beaches, funded by Libor bank fines and Remembrance Travel is an approved organiser. There are a number of tours scheduled before the end of the year. Each tour is accompanied by a medic and a guide from the Legion. Details are available on our Remembrance Travel website.

"It is only right that all D-Day veterans have the chance to travel to Normandy, where they so bravely fought for our freedom. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to use £1m of Libor funds for this purpose, using fines from those who have demonstrated the worst kind of values is being used to support those who have demonstrated the very best of British values." George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer

War Widows Grant-in-Aid Scheme

Any war widow or widower who has lost a spouse during overseas military service between 1914 and 1967 is eligible to make use of a government-sponsored scheme, administered by Remembrance Travel. This involves visiting the grave of a husband or wife, providing you have not done so at public expense previously. Remembrance Travel has already helped 4,000 widows and widowers in such a way.

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the scheme, along with the cost of a carer and accommodation within the UK.

Those wishing to make a return trip can also make arrangements through Remembrance Travel at their own cost.

For further information, telephone 020 3207 2321 or visit the Remembrance Travel website.

Remembrance Travel for young people

The Legion specialises in providing comprehensive guided tours for schools and cadet units with accompanying pre-tour literature and audiovisual material to enhance the experience, all designed to work alongside the National Curriculum. We also include free places for teachers and organisers.

For further information, please visit our pages:

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Remembrance Travel for Schools and Young People / Remembrance Travel for Cadets
Cantium House
Railway Approach
Wallington SM6 0BP

T: 020 8335 9768

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