Cambrai 100

A hundred years on from the Battle of Cambrai, discover how the the British Army utilised the first large tank attack in history and changed fighting tactics on the Western Front.

The Battle of Cambrai

Commencing on 20 November 1917, the Battle of Cambrai saw The Tank Corps seal their place in history and demonstrate their potential for breaking the deadlock of trench warfare.

Launching a suprise attack to create a major break in German lines, over 400 tanks rolled across no man's land and into the Hindenburg defences, where they proceeded to lay heavy fire down the length of the trenches and roll up the flanks of the penetration.

By 4pm the tanks had advanced seven miles, affecting the most rapid advance of the war. To put this in perspective, a similarly sized penetration had taken three months and cost 250,000 casualties.

Cambrai in 360

Learn how the battle unfolded and discover the experiences of those operating tanks on the battlefields through 360 video.

Dan Snow On Cambrai

Dan Snow visits the battlefields of Cambrai to examine how the tank came of age and foreshadowed Allied victory in 1918.

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